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Our Values

Courage, Determination, Innovation, Passion, Empathy, and Caring. These are the values of humanity that give us the advantage over cancer. They empower us to encourage prevention, raise awareness, foster innovation, inspire generosity, deepen understanding, and provide care.


We fight for what’s right and talk about the things no one else will. We encourage prevention by advocating for lifesaving change, promoting early screening, and empowering others to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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We will never give up on our mission so that no one ever gives up hope. We are relentless in our efforts to raise awareness by honoring the people we’ve lost, recognizing those undergoing treatment, and celebrating the lives we’ve helped to save.

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We seek and uncover answers where no one else is looking. We foster innovation by conducting groundbreaking research and funding pioneering scientists.

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We let others hear the conviction in our voices and feel the impact of our actions. We inspire generosity by motivating communities to donate and mobilizing them to act.

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We’ve experienced cancer first-hand. That’s why we strive to comfort anyone impacted by it. We deepen understanding by listening to those willing to share their journey, and guiding them to essential resources.

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We offer compassionate assistance and support for everyone affected by cancer. Each and every day, we provide care by delivering crucial health information and vital patient services.

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